Get The Most Out Of Your MeL

Consider setting up your own account with MeL, the Michigan Electronic Library – a statewide loaning partnership our library engages with, facilitated by The Library Of Michigan, providing our patrons access to online full-text articles, full-text books, digital images, and other valuable research information at any time via the Internet


The database Books & Authors has many useful features that extend beyond browsing and finding good books.  The Read-A-Like wizard will offer suggestions of titles similar to what you’ve liked in the past and can offer you a link to MeLCat so you can check availability of what you find. This is ideal for the reader feeling frustrated with deciding “…what to read next…?!” First: Create a free account and you gain access to My Reading Room, My Marked List, My Reviews & Ratings, Author Lists, and Searches -where you can create, maintain and share lists.  Helpful for staff and patrons alike as well as book groups who will find these tools useful as they suggest, read, review, and rate titles they’ve selected.  Michigan residents or Michigan library access only.

Meanwhile, we know that many are already in Holiday-mode. Students are home from school with some free time (and likely starting to drive their parents up the wall).

A break from school over the holidays doesn’t need to mean a break from learning or, most importantly, having fun while doing so.

Through MeL, students in grades Pre-K – 5 can continue their exploration of the world of colors and numbers while strengthening reading skills with stories, activities and videos in the MeL database Early World of Learning.   Print & Do activities offer matching, shapes, sizes, time, and other exercises with downloadable and printable worksheets.  Another MeL database, World Book Kids, also for Grades Pre-K – 5, has featured videos and 8 subject areas to explore as well as science project and experiment ideas.  Be It!  Make It!  Think It!  Teach It!   Both of these World Book resources are found in the MeL Kids Gateway. (Michigan residents or Michigan library access only.)

More info: MeL main site

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