Best of the BEST OF’s (2014)

BOOK RIOT, our most favorite of literary-news sites/book blogs, compiled an impressive list of Best Of’s for readers looking to catch up on everything they missed or just peruse which titles made topped critics’ lists.

There’s SO many lists, this time of year. Would you like it narrowed down? Or…would you rather dive into a collection of ALL the lists you could possibly parse….

best ofs

NY TIMES’ 10 Best Books of 2014


To view BR’s full collection of links and themed-lists, click here.

Meanwhile, our favorite (lists) included: from the New York Times, 100 Notable Books of 2014;
or over at Flavorwire, the Works of 10 Contemporary Native American Poets;
Then theres the HuffPost Books, The Best Books of 2014;
and, via CBC Books, 5 of Literature’s Most Fascinating Serial Killers;
Wired Magazine provided a list for graphic novel enthusiasts: 5 Comics You Have to Read This Month; while The Toast had this intriguingly themed list: Books for the Misanthropic Traveler;

Compliments of io9, we have 10 Most Important Sci-Fi Books About Super-Intelligence

But if you’re looking for something that’s slipping by everyone else’s list, check out
River City Reading, 2014’s Best Books You Might Have Missed
Or you can see what you’re friends have been reading at Goodreads, Goodreads Choice Award Winners: Best Books of 2014

Again, more lists via Book Riot. What a year!

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