Today’s Libraries: Anchor Places

How will libraries evolve into the 21st century?

Simple… the evidence of their vitality in serving the varying needs of a community will simply come into stark relief, little by little… with illuminating surveys such as The Atlantic Monthly’s American Futures Project

READ: How Libraries Serve The Needs Of Their Communities 

Libraries are the answer to so many questions –
Where do I go if my Internet’s out?
Where do I go to rework my resume? 
Where do I go for free educational programming?
Where do I go for free reading-hours for my children?
Where can I go to get involved, more, in my community and meet my neighbors? 
Where can I go to learn English as a Second Language? (I probably wouldn’t be asking this question, initially, in English per se, but……)

The answer is ALWAYS the Library.

The American Futures Project presented this enlightening article finding that:
Libraries are for Job Seekers.
Libraries promote literacy and love of reading
Libraries are hubs for activity.
Libraries are anchor places. (I love this phrase, it really drives it home:

  • 95 percent of Americans ages 16 and older agree that the materials and resources available at public libraries play an important role in giving everyone a chance to succeed


Meanwhile, the CBC has reported on a developing trend of social workers uniting with libraries throughout Canada. San Francisco, actually, was the first library to experiment with this service to provide help where its needed. “A public library can be a warm, safe place, where those without homes, computers or smartphones can check email, Facebook accounts, and even read….” If you’d like to read MORE about what libraries can do for communities in the future, we recommend this article, as well.


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