Teen Read Week Oct 12

Now that we’re well into the 21st century…we are seeing the maturation of a new generation, entering their teens and young adulthood, who have been raised with the Internet. The ability to read and process information in multiple formats is an essential skill in our global information society.


Teen Read Week is a special time of year, highlighting the importance of consistent recreational reading habits for teenagers and young adults, spearheaded every October by the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA).

FPL will be organizing a special display stacked with lots of important and innovative titles in Young Adult Literature. Stop into the library this week and check it out.

Standardized test scores show that the reading proficiency of students has remained stagnant over the last few decades…
…Another concern is that today’s teens have an ever increasing array of ways to spend (and waste…) their leisure time. The most effective way to improve reading skills, though, is going to be reading regularly and often.

That’s what Teen Read Week is all about: encouraging regular recreational reading for our Teens. Regular daily reading for the fun of it creates the reading habit for life; and libraries provide a safe place for teens for teens to go, (there are more libraries in America than there are Starbucks, believe it or not) as well as providing teens access to reading materials in an environment administered by caring adults.


Finally: studies show that students who participate in after school or extracurricular reading programs at libraries scored higher on standardized reading tests than those who did not participate. That’s why FPL encourages teens to visit the library to find materials to read for the fun of it.

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