Enhanced OverDrive READ


OverDrive has announced that a new version of OverDrive Read(link is external), the browser-based eBook reading experience, is coming on October 15

ddWith OverDrive Read, there are no files to download, and no software to install…

just click…

and start reading.

Anywhere, on anything

What’s OverDrive?
OverDrive is FPL’s provider of digital materials: eBooks and MP3 Audiobooks. You can use your Library login (barcode + PIN) to download available eBooks (as PDF files, usually) onto your eBook Device (Kindles, Nooks) Smartphones or even onto your home computer, if you’re not mobile. 

Now, just because Gone Girl is digital, doesn’t mean we have unlimited downloads for our patrons… Publisher’s wouldn’t like that very much, I’m sure. The way it works, each library is allotted a certain number (1-2, usually) of digital files of each book – those files are downloaded by a Patron who then gets to store it on their device/phone/computer for up to 2 weeks. Then the file (eBook) “returns itself” by deleting from your device.

But if you’re interested in fast, easy access to an eBook, without having to download it… then OverDrive READ is for you!

orFrom smart phones and tablets to desktop computers and even televisions, OverDrive READ works on anything with an up-to-date web browser. You can download READ books too, so you can read them offline in your web browser.

For certain books, you’ll have the option to Download or just click: READ

There’s a new version of OverDrive READ

Books never before available in eBook format will be able to be enjoyed digitally. The fixed layout feature honors the book’s original layout, image display, and fonts which are required for titles with pictures or elaborate illustrations / graphs / special fonts.

The interface eliminates distraction from the page layout because the newly-designed menu is now behind the eBook pages rather than to the right of the book.

This update retains all of the great features users are currently enjoying such as the ability to read offline, use bookmarks, notes, search, and access custom readability options. And, it’s available with just one-click in any major modern web browser, and doesn’t require any software installation or device registration.

In order to adopt this new technology required to support fixed layout eBooks, OverDrive READ will no longer work in older versions of Internet Explorer beginning October 15.

For more information, click here.

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