Why Libraries Matter (Benefit Concert Sept 26)


Access to knowledge, to the Internet, to cultural enrichment.

Connection to your community, to your creative side, to the past.

Enlightenment – subjects you’d never otherwise explore, stories you’d not yet heard – and thus


You’ve got a kindle?
Great, we’ve got E-Books.

You’re minoring in film studies?
Have you seen our DVD collection?

You need a quiet place to study, utilize a wi-fi connection or just to meditate, but you don’t want to have to buy a cup of coffee because it’s the Internet Cafe’s policy? Come nestle in, we won’t bother you…
We’ll even provide reading recommendations, with gusto.

Librarians are the original, and still the best, search engines
Why Are Libraries Essential?

Video: Why Libraries Matter (Atlantic Monthly) 


It’s hard to communicate this in a way that doesn’t sound like cheerleading… You have to be here to appreciate it – the lives that are ever-so-subtly changed by a place like this, the materials it preserves or the services it provides…

The thing I hear all the time is… Do people even USE the library anymore…what with everything being online?


Now, that said, the library, similar to the post office, is that staple of a community service that everyone of my generation and previous generations’ likely took for granted… But whereas the post office might be struggling because of the Internet’s revolutionizing digitization of our daily lives (particularly our communication), it is not the main factor leading to the financial woes of libraries. For us, it’s more about the economy… This service, the library, is here for you, every day (and, sometimes, yes, begrudgingly taken for granted), because of the funding it receives through a community’s collective property taxes. If property values have dropped significantly, as they would in a recession (read: 2008 financial crisis), then any service/institution dependent on those taxes are going to be in need….

And so, yes, the library is in need.


It’s like these that we need YOUR help! Remember that time, in 4th grade, when our librarians helped you find that one book about geckos for your school assignment? You owe us one!

Step up and support the library! All libraries!

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10675611_10152312569396643_3026368010451596533_nCold Men Young
Odd Hours
Johnny Headband 
& Sleepless Inn
performing September 26th at The Loving Touch
Suggested Donation: $5

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