Dine For A Cause + Your Saturdays Start HERE (September)

Dining For A Cause July 29 4pm – 9pm – Woodward Avenue Brewers
Dine and drink at the W.A.B. and mention: “Friends Of The Ferndale Library” to have 15% of your bill be donated to support the Library. 





Meanwhile… we’ve got some news regarding our Local Music Programing


The Ferndale Public Library is continuing its monthly music series, formerly called First Stop Friday – on SATURDAYS. 

The Library is regularly closed on Fridays, now, after instituting a new schedule of open hours; thus, to continue our local music series, we’ll be hosting two local bands, live, in the Library Community Room on the first Saturday of themonth, starting in September

This will be the place to START your SATURDAY – with musical performances beginning around 7pm. (The library’s main doors will be reopened, after hours, for music fans). The series showcases two local bands per concert and is free and open to all ages.

The gig is unpaid, but artists are encouraged to sell merch. The shows run from 7pm-9pm(ish), which is after library hours, so bands of all sizes and volumes are welcome. Turnout has been very good! Please email Kelly Bennett at kelly@ferndalepubliclibrary.org if you’re interested in playing!

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