Latest Library Stats!

Libraries have been around a long time and are often taken for granted.

librarySome might overlook this, but Libraries can be good for our local economy:  Studies show that residents depend on libraries to help them find jobs, help them start new businesses of their own or help increase their workplace productivity with our vast resources covering professional development.


Libraries build community, educating our children as well as our adults. In fact, given that we host so many private meetings and free open programs for the public (like workshops, readings and concerts), we’re often viewed, directly or indirectly, as more of a Community Center than merely a building with books and DVDs. What does a Library mean to you? It’s a valid question in the 21st century.

Your public library facilitates inexpensive, subsidized access to the Internet -which is essentially a 21st-century public utility.

And the staff, here, of course,  strive to establish a culture of exceptional service. We’re always happy to see you.


In the month of May, alone, we had nearly 14,000 people come to the library to utilize our services. Nearly 13,000 items have been circulated in and out of our building in just the last 5 weeks. 2,500 patrons came up to our Circulation/Information desk for particular queries, checking-out materials or to set up their new library cards; (we added 96 new patrons, this month, by the way).

Have you been following up on this blog, by the way? Are you following us on Twitter yet? Hazaa—we had almost 15,000 visitors to our website –again just in May-alone. More than 10,000 patrons used our online catalog to search for titles or renew their materials from home (or on the go).

And, as we get ready for our Summer Bake Sale – we’re happy to announce that our diligent, delightful Friends Of The Ferndale Library raised more than $700 for us, this month.

Swing in soon and learn more about the Bake Sale and Summer Reading (for kids and teens). We’re so much more than just a library – come see for yourself.

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