Recommendation Round-Up: Who Needs Hogwarts?

Monique Herzog’s Magical Recommendations

Monique Herzog's pics 5-29-14

Hello from the Ferndale Public Library.

We’re happy to continue our contributions of bi-monthly recommendations for the community; particularly to anyone yearning for something fresh and exciting in their recreational reading.

Monqiue Herzog is a member of our Board of Trustees. Herzog has been a long-time supporter of the Ferndale Library and our various programs and events – and we’ve always been glad to have her, particularly now, as a Board Member. We’ve linked to some info regarding our fundraiser TONIGHT at the Library, a chance for adult patrons to relive their PROM —

Without further ado, Monique’s picks:


Monique Herzog,
Library Board of Trustees

Much of the early spring for me was spent in the fantasy worlds created by Diana Wynne Jones.

As a reader who reads to escape… Escaping to the magical worlds imagined by Jones was a great trip.

Seven of Jones books (collections of stories and novels) are looked-after by a figure-head known as Chrestomanci – he is charged with keeping magic-workers from abusing their power.

If this sounds familiar to fans of Harry Potter, most of the similarity ends there. My favorite feature of Jones’ magicians is that their power is largely a force of will. This makes for enchanting female characters and not a lot of wand-waving or pointy hats. Sometimes the greatest gift of a magician can be perceived as their weakness.


 Notable books by Dianna Wynne Jones

Fire & Hemlock

How’s Moving Castle

Earwig & The Witch 

Chronicles of Chrestomanci

Since the books meander in time as well as through several worlds, you can begin at any book, I suggest beginning with The Lives of Christopher Chant (click here: ) and Conrad’s Fate (click here: ).

Though the books are generally shelved with young adult or youth fiction, as with all great story-telling, it can be appreciated by all ages.

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