What’s Up, Ferndale (Bakesale, Donations & More)

Picture1We were really bummed when our Friends Of The Ferndale Library had to cancel this month’s PRIDE PROM event.


(We lacked a sufficient amount of pre-sale tickets.)

The idea would have had adults dancing the night away inside the library (with a spiked-punch bowl, of course) to the spectacular jams of a professional DJ – with all ticket sales going towards fundraising for the Library.

What’s up, Ferndale!? Dancing and drinking in the library, after-hours? That sounds like a blast!

Ah well.

There’s still plenty of opportunities to help boost the Library – CLICK HERE for details — We’ve got a Bakesale coming up (read on for more details). Or, you could consider making a cash donation to the Friends Of The Ferndale Library.

I mean, you’d be right to worry a bit about us, considering how often our name’s been in the news.  [Woodward Talk: Year-end deficit forces Ferndale library to cut staff, hours]

I’m sure many are curious about “what this means for the Library…”

Well, what DOES it mean for the Library? 

What does the future hold for such an institution (as a Public Library) that inevitably relies upon healthy property taxes for revenue …when, unfortunately, we still haven’t recovered from the impact of the 2008 Recession, with recent falling housing prices dragging down property assessments and tax collections.



The library will be reducing our open hours beginning July 1, 2014.
We will be closed on Fridays.
On Saturdays, we’ll be open from noon to 5:00 pm.

Our Monday – Thursday hours will still be 10:00 am – 8:00 pm.

Please click here for a further explanation.

We’re making some cuts, it’s true. But, we can also see light at the end of the tunnel.

Nearly 90% of the Ferndale Public Library’s financing comes from millage revenues, which are directly tied to property values in the city. With state aid to libraries dwindling over the years, we’ve had to dip into our reserve funds lately. ***But, we’re turning it around: the proposed budget for FY 2016 is designed to balance the Library’s budget by June 30, 2016.

libraryUntil then – WE’RE STILL HERE.


We’ve still got stupendous books, here.

We’re still guarding the gate to a whole GALAXY, a galaxy of knowledge and entertainment, enrichment and insight and various trivia-bolstering materials for you to access……and all you need is one little card, small enough for your wallet or even clippable to your keychain.

So come on in and see us! –That’s really the best way we can show you all the great programming we’re regularly putting on here, week to week… (Like, say, the PROM we just had to cancel, sadly).

Until we get ourselves a BookMobile or start setting up our own specialized TinyLibraries around town, you have to come in and see us – because we can’t leave this building, as much as we’d like to on days with such pleasant weather.

Here’s incentive


2014SummerBakeSaleFlyerPINK (1)


The Ferndale Public Library strengthens the community by providing access to materials and services that inform, enrich, entertain, and empower.

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