Photos: Author Visit at Rustbelt – Ferndale Reads 2014



Ferndale Reads
Thanks to the City Of Ferndale for participating with such support and enthusiasm for the Library and for reading-as-a-community.

Ferndale Reads continues to be a revelatory experience for our community, particularly with the compelling story of Steve Luxenberg’s family past, documented in this year’s selection Annie’s Ghosts. One of the most rewarding aspects of this annual series of Library hosted programming is that it can always start a good conversation.

Not only does it coax community members to pick up and read a certain book, (and really, aren’t we all alwayws wishing we could read more?) BUT, Ferndale Reads can also bring the community together, at the library, for scheduled events where you can meet and chat with your neighbors and share opinions and insights into a book’s subject or story. Readers for Ferndale Reads can then discover how someone else’s unique experiences can have a nuanced effect upon their interpretation of that very same book.

This year, we joined with The Great Michigan Read, an annual event sponsored by the Michigan Humanities Council’s as a means of connecting connect people and communities through quality cultural programs. The Ferndale Library, in turn, offered a series of fascinating programs, both educational and engaging, tying in with the themes of Annie’s Ghosts. Steve Luxenberg, the author, had his story published in 2009. It tells the story of Luxenberg’s discovery that he had an Aunt, having grown up certain that his mother had no siblings, in fact she’d often proclaim aloud herself to be an only child.

Annie’s Ghosts is the story of Luxenberg’s research into his family’s secret which then unveils a great deal of Michigan history,  particularly the development of the health-care industry and evolving social perceptions of mental illness throughout key decades of the 20th century. As Mr. Luxenberg’s family story unfolds, we not only see his skills as a reporter and researcher demonstrated on each page, but also get to know his family, relive the booming days of the auto industry in Michigan and also see a snapshot of the large populations of immigrant families integrating into society in the years leading up to and after the Great Depression.

We thank the Humanities Council and author Steve Luxenberg for helping us host another great event for the community.

In the meantime, Library patrons…Stay tuned for SUMMER READING



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