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The Round Up of Recommendations:


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Here is part three in an ongoing bi-monthly feature where the Staff of the Ferndale Public Library takes turns presenting their personal recommendations. We figured this would be an ideal article for those of you out there searching, fruitlessly, for “What to Read/Watch/or Listen-to NEXT…”

Quite often, as you’ll see upon returning to our regularly posted links, we enjoy dabbling with “themes” for our lists, demonstrated this month by Reference Librarian Darlene Hellenberg, who just recently returned from a road trip—read ahead:

Darlene’s Picks – BFF Edition


“Best friend isn’t a person…it’s a tier” – Mindy Lahiri, The Mindy Project



It’s finally happening! My two best girlfriends and I are taking a road trip! A real life, snack filled, music blaring, sunglass wearing, road trip. Jess (my B.F.F. since high school) and I are picking up Megan (my B.F.F.since 6th grade) who lives in Kentucky, and we’re driving to Florida.  In Florida, we’re crashing at my college roommate’s place and soaking up as much sun as possible. (Don’t worry, we’ll use sun screen).

Back in high school and college, I idealized those classic Best Friend Road Trips. I couldn’t wait to pack up my car (didn’t own one), pick up Jess & Meg, put in the perfect mix, and drive until we reached a coast. Sadly, it never happened, and it’s probably for the best because now we know the truth: driving is a nightmare.

But it doesn’t matter because we’ll all be in the car together…and we’ll be in it for at least 14. And that means it isn’t just driving somewhere (nightmare) it’s a real life B.F.F. Road Trip! I can’t promise that it’ll be as glamorous as the one Britney Spears takes with her B.F.F.’s (please see the 2002 classic, “Crossroads”) but it’s gonna be pretty great.

Inspired by my best friends:


1.  “Bridesmaids” (DVD COMEDY B)

As inspiration for this list, I took the BuzzFeed Quiz, Which Movie BFFs Are You And Your Best Friend. Megan, Jess, and I are Annie and Lillian from “Bridesmaids”. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, well, I’m not really sure what to say (What’s wrong with you? Seriously? I don’t understand?)…but I will say that Annie losing it at Lillian’s shower can easily represent Jess or I, during various stages of Megan’s wedding. We love her, of course, but it was really, really, really hot in Kentucky and we were probably really, really, really dehydrated.
Catalog: http://bit.ly/SJdSjh

2. “Gilmore Girls” (DVD TV G)

Between the 3 of us we’ve probably seen every episode of this show more than twice. We love the fast talking mother daughter duo Lorelai and Rory, Luke’s Diner, pop culture references, and all the food! If you haven’t caught any episodes of this show, we highly recommend it. If you have, be like us, and watch it again!
Catalog: http://bit.ly/1oyWIPj

3. Dance Music

Dancing is the 3rd leg of the tripod that our friendship is built on. Shopping and tv/movie watching are the other two. Dancing, to anything and everything, is our favorite. The best part about 14 long hours between Kentucky and Florida will be all the music we’ll get to listen too. Here’s a small sample of our Ants in Your Pants Road Trip Dance Playlist :

1. “I want you back” – Jackson 5

2. “Bringing Sexy Back” – Justin Timberlake

3. “Dancing on my Own” – Robyn (CD Robyn)

Catalog for Robyn: http://bit.ly/1kTszb4

4. “Garden State” – (DVD DRAMA G)

If you were an 18-20 something girl in 2004, like we were, then I don’t even have to tell you how this movie was made for you, do I? I don’t, right? Because it was. It’s every weird, funny, sad, and obnoxious thing you thought about when you were just trying to figure it all out. It made you feel better. It made you feel interesting and like it was all going to be okay. It still has that effect and it probably always will because it’s one of those movies we’ve watched multiple times. It came along at exactly the right moment and we’ll always be grateful.
Catalog: http://bit.ly/1svs8sf

5. “Veronica Mars” – (Available for interloan. Call me, I’ll hook you up.)

Last but certainly not least (seriously, we’ve been friends for like 15 years, it’s a long list) I’ll end with “Veronica Mars” the last thing we all watched together. By together I mostly mean, Megan in Kentucky, and Jess and I at each other’s or our own houses. On Megan’s last trip home we watched the movie together! I highly recommend watching the same tv shows as your far away friends. Then you always have something to talk about besides: I worked, I ate dinner, I slept. (Special thanks to another dear friend for inspiring us to watch the series. Remember people, friendship is a tier!)

Catalog: http://bit.ly/1j4A4yS



Darlene is program director for our annual FERNDALE READS series (A community book-club exploring/reading/discussing ANNIE’S GHOSTS)
Book Party @ The Emory

Ferndale Reads Edition

May 15 @ 7:30 pm

Discuss the book, have a drink, hang out at The Emory.

Meet the Author

Steve Luxenberg will speak about his book

May 22nd @ 7:00 pm @ The Rust Belt Market


CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION http://ferndalepubliclibrary.org/index.php/ferndale-reads-2014-events

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