Book Bits May 2014 (EBooks)

OverDrive eBooks now available for use with Kindle FreeTime

This is good news for Parents/families who have been utilizing our OverDrive Media circulation service with their KINDLES. kids and parents can now access thousands of Kindle format eBooks (here) and read them within the FreeTime feature using the same parental controls and educational goal-setting that FreeTime offers. (Read more here, from Bloomberg). 

download destination

Overdrive is the “online library” where you can use your Ferndale Library Card to check-out (“download”) ebooks and MP3-audiobooks onto your personal device (or MP3-player).

Jeremy Greenfield, over at Forbes, went out of his way to remind you (or to inform you for the first time) that, not only does your Library attain EBOOKS into its Circulating Collection, but that it also does so at considerable cost.


When you consider these things, (“costs”), as Forbes did, it comes down to this: –  We have to keep up with popular tastes when we buy our Ebooks for our collection – and sometimes things like, well, say, 50 Shades Of Grey don’t really have the staying power of a, say, Ulysses… And yet, here we are, with this Ebook, bought and paid for and not going anywhere). So you should probably take advantage of it while it’s practical, optimal and super sensible! Like…when that particular hot title you’re eager to read is ready and waiting for you -in Ebook form… Because your Library went out and purchased it’s own electronic format from the publisher.

According to the ALA, nearly 60% of library patrons don’t know their library lends ebooks.

Further news on ebooks:

ALA: Libraries Annual Report: Relations Between Libraries and Publishers Over Ebooks Improving

World Book Day: Printed books and ebooks exist in harmony, industry expert says

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One Response to Book Bits May 2014 (EBooks)

  1. I received notice that Smashwords, one of the distributors for my novel CONVERGENCE, has partnered with OverDrive. Hopefully my title will be appearing in the OverDrive catalog soon, and you’ll think about stocking it for readers, particularly if you feature local Michigan authors.

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