New Music: #Listen@theLibrary

What have you been listening to? Wanna hear something new?


I woke up this morning thinking: …we should have a Music Club!

Nothing official, yet. We’d just like to hear from you – about what you’re listening to! Hopefully it’s something good you found here, at FPL.

Here at the Library, we have all these terrific Book Clubs – where readers experience a work, a story, an author’s words – as a group – and then share that experience by discussing their interpretation, voicing their opinions and describing what they loved or hated about the book…

And here we are, The Ferndale Public Library, with such an exceptional music collection, (no, we’re not modest about that…)

We wanna hear from YOU. What have YOU been listening to…

LocalMusicLogoEvery other week, this blog will spotlight a national/worldwide recording-artist, either big-label or indie, who has a new album out (available at the Library, preferably). And then, to balance it out and show some local love, we’ll draw your ears toward a Michigan-based musician’s latest release. Kind of a sonic-face-off, maybe?

For starters, let’s hear some  St. Vincent!


We’ve been spinning her latest album, her fourth full-length and first self-titled release – a cool and curious toss-up of brassy bluster, funky marches, spaced-out guitar shredding and experimental mashings of rock and electronica. Hear/watch “Digital Witness”




And now, how about Tunde Olaniran’s new EP Yung Archetype – which came out on Michigan-based Quite Scientific Records. It’s a kaleidoscope of genres, defiant of any category – but exuding enticing spins on R&B, dystopic-dance-parties, House-leaning electronica-kicked into some rap and straight-up synth-pop.

Have a listen -and- watch the video

Wanna hear MORE local music? We feature it – LIVE – every First Friday

Stay tuned… (@yourLibrary)

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