Collection has Local Musicians-in-mind

One of our most popular titles amid our Music Education Collection

One of our most popular titles from our Music Instruction Collection





Instructional books and software: A Music Instruction Collection aims to get more local musicians regularly perusing Library’s stacks

Kelly Bennett, Head of Circulation, wanted to expand upon her initial local music project by giving the musicians in our area something more than just a place to have their CD’s circulate. The Music Instruction Collection was funded by the Metro Detroit Book and Author Society’s James C. Dance Award – secured by a grant written by Bennett back in mid 2010.

There are 80 items in this collection, each marked noticeably on their spines with “Music Instruction” labels. It contains materials that can enhance and expand any local musician’s knowledge and skill set. It can also serve as a gateway to learning music for beginners. Subjects range from learning to play guitar, to repairing amps, to building synthesizers, to marketing and promoting your band and negotiating your way into the music business in a post-Internet world. Some of the books contain supplemental CDs, but there are also instructional DVDs (in the media section).

“In this era of ‘do-it-yourself,'” says Bennett, “musicians often learn and experiment on their own, using computers and other low-budget solutions as a way to create, record and distribute their music. The Instruction collection has books for those wishing to learn a new instrument or master one they’re familiar with…”


Bennett, it goes without saying, has done an exceptional job bolstering FPL’s music collection, not just recordings on CD, but here, through the Instruction Collection.
We have:
How-To books on software like Pro-Tools and Ableton
Music theory books for those who have never had formal lessons
Books on the basics of home-recording and sound-engineering to attain the nuanced control offered only in a studio
Guides to the modern music business
The books, CDs and DVDs in this collection have already circulated a total of more than 1,000 times!

“With this collection,” Bennett says, “we hope to make some of our valued musical contributors” (either through their CDs in our collection or as performers at First Stop Friday), “into active library patrons, by giving them a collection designed with them-in-mind.”

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FYI – March 7th


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