Library As Incubator features FPL



Art and Exhibitions Committee 


The library formed the Art and Exhibitions Committee in early 2012 with the mission to promote and foster an appreciation of two- and three-dimensional art for library patrons, through exhibits, lectures, and an expanded collection of art books. This Committee fostered the idea, and the celebration, of art displayed in our library. The Committee’s board is comprised of artists, both casual and professional. We all bolster our creative lives with the library’s collections, from the excellent foreign films to the art history and technique books we helped supplement.

We’re getting some attention for our arty programming (Artist Roundtable meetings, regular exhibitions and special receptions, as well as our community sketchbook Two-Twenty-Two) Check it out. 

Ferndale Pulic Library_Circulating Sketchbook_a

Library as Incubator Project

This online hub/booster of inspiration for art-programs feasibly facilitated by/for Libraries recently featured the efforts, ideas and events dreamt-up and hosted-by our very own Art & Exhibition Committee.
Read more:

Ferndale Pulic Library_Circulating Sketchbook_c

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