Kids Corner Music Collection: Kanye, The Beatles and KISS as Lullabies

Continuing this blog’s highlight of our Kids Corner Music Collection with a playlist sure to turn your pre-toddler into a pre-hipster!

We have quite a commendable collection of music CD’s on the media shelves of our main room, but just take a few steps past them and you’ll enter the Kids Corner, where you’ll find a whole other set of CD’s CD’s for families and children. And this isn’t your average “Workin’ On the Railroad / Wheels On The Bus”-type fare… Our Youth Services Librarians go out of their way to pick intriguing, bold and engaging material that kids can enjoy (as well as their parents). It’ll make for interesting soundtracks in the family car.

This week – we highlight the award-winning Rockabye Baby! series: taking “the rock music parents love and transforms it into soothing instrumental lullabies. In short, Rockabye Baby makes rock music baby-friendly and kids music adult-friendly… Learn (and hear) more – via their blog.

rockabye baby

Kanye West bent a lot of listener’s ears with his intensely raw, dark and droning Yeezus album… Let’s soften one of his older jams:

KISS, meanwhile, will be inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame next spring, part of the class of 2014. Let’s hear a local favorite in lullaby form:

Did you catch the latest documentary on Bob Marley? It was released this year and is currently in the Special-Interest section of our DVDs, under Biography:

We’ve got the Beatles, Bjork, Rolling Stones, and many more!

How about some Radiohead?

Come on into the Kids Corner and check out some tunes!

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