The Meaning of Libraries

Michael Benson, President of Eastern Kentucky University, succinctly summarizes Libraries as vast treasuries of human knowledge (and thus, to be revered): The Meaning of Libraries –via Huffington Post—

Quoting 19th century Yale Librarian Richard Skinner: “Surrounded by the productions of genius, the elegance of art, the delights of the mind, it is but natural that in the quiet, silent library, reverence should possess the soul.”

The Huffington Post has been offering a staggering amount of articles and editorials on the subject of Libraries – as this hallowed civic institute steadily, sometimes surely, sometimes unsteadily, transitions into the 21st century: Read on–

Libraries Change Lives

Why We Should Let Go of Nostalgia and Embrace the Evolution of Libraries

Welcome to Today’s Totally Modern Library: No ‘Shushing’ Allowed!



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