Kids Corner Music Collection

We pride ourselves on being a very music-savvy staff, here at Ferndale Public Library: from our Summer Concert Series’ to our monthly local spotlights via the First Stop Friday’s showcases, even to our participation as a live venue during last year’s expansive Blowout Music Festival!

Remember though, we have two music collections for circulation. Not only do we have a commendable collection of music CD’s in our main room’s media section, but we also feature CD’s for families and children  -over in the Kids Corner.

Let’s start with Yo Gabba Gabba!
The popular children’s television show was started by a musician and regularly features nods to retro toys and video games. It’s vibrantly colorful and voluminous and thronged with crazy robots, monsters and woodland creatures, but then the music starts playing!
It’s cool and poppy, it kinda rocks…And then lots of interesting guests start showing up – like The Flaming Lips, or Of Montreal, or Biz Markie! Sensational! (Wikipedia: “Unlike most children’s shows, Yo Gabba Gabba was not developed by network executives” So there you go!)

“Music is…AWESOME!” is engaging and empowering for kids, giving them rock songs to march to, forwards into a world they’re just getting to learn about, illuminated here by an eclectic array of singer/songwriters and lyricists, offering their melodious insights to a catchy beat. Collected here on this disc are the song-versions from the show’s “awesome” Super Music Friends show segments!

Verve Pipe Family Album

Michigan-bred post-grunge pop outfit The Verve Pipe made a charming rock record that’ll speak to pre-tweeners who are just coming to know the world around them – like acclimating to daily schedules of hygiene maintenance and healthy sustenance (with cereal)!! Parents will be hooked by their distinctive 90’s-tinged classic college-rock sound still haunting these hooky jams.

 The eldest son of reggae icon Bob, Ziggy is a talented and accomplished singer/songwriter in his own right. This album won the 2010 Grammy Award for Best Musical Album for Children.  Modern icons of folk, reggae and soul like Jack Johnson, Toots Hibbert, Paul Simon and Willie Nelson guest star on some stellar tracks. The lyrics are heartfelt, the melodies are catchy and the instrumentation shows considerable breadth.

Dan Zanes’ has a lot of heart, and it shows in his music. This pop-rock songwriter got his start with an entire band of fellow-fathers who performed around New York playgrounds for children in West Village. Zanes has a voice for Americana-folk that fits nicely with the twangier, brassier elements he employs. One stand-out jam features soul singer Sharon Jones giving ode to the basement as an ideal, imagination-stoking play-space.

This one’s my personal favorite! Veteran quirky-pop auteurs They Might Be Giants came out of the 80’s movement that weirdly blended new-wave and punk, distinguishing themselves with storybook like lyricism told in a very brainy verbiage, eloquently and poetically. This album could almost double as an entire Science Course for a young grade school student – considering how insightful (and often accurate) their factual pop-jams can be… Plus, there’s a whole DVD accompanying it, showing animated videos of EVERY song!

Elizabeth Mitchell is an established singer/songwriter known for her work with NY-based indie-rock band Ida – blending baroque-pop styles with with acoustic folk. Joined by her family and friends on this record, she pays a sweet, soft tribute to America’s most influential folk singer, Woody Guthrie, who wrote these ditties for his own children, decades ago; Mitchell proves their timeless charm and poignant communicability.

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