OverDrive featured by Forbes (and other book bits)

What’s the Word?

The word  of 2013 is:  “selfie” -the latest entry into the Oxford Dictionaries, defined as: “”a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.””

In other weird or entertaining or…disturbing…?…book-news:
Library copies of the bestselling sadomasochistic romance (Fifty Shades of Grey) were found to carry traces of herpes and cocaine… 
So reports The Guardian.
Yep…those books do get around…it seems.

You likely found out about these bits of book news from surfing the internet via your smartphone or tablet. If you’re like a lot of other readers following the growing trends, it’s on these devices, also, that you do your recreational reading of new fiction and non-fiction published titles.   E-Books that is…

OverDrive featured by Forbes

Spending in public libraries is shifting towards digital collections, these days, rather than physical – according to Steven Potash, CEO of OverDrive, in a recent interview with Forbes Magazine. OverDrive manages and delivers digital content for schools, libraries and other outlets – subsequently, it is the exclusive distributor of e-books and MP3-audiobooks for Ferndale Library cardholders, checking-out from our digital-library’s site. 

Read more, from Forbes, on Potash and OverDrive’s determination to be the indisputable and most-reliable source of digital content (…currently serving 90% of America’s 16,000+ libraries). Their aim, which matches the desires of likely all public libraries and librarians, is to create the most “comprehensive” experience for you, our patrons (i.e. potential e-book users).

Wanna explore our e-book collection? Click here. 

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