At Issue: eBooks!


Help VideoInterested in checking out eBooks with your Ferndale Library Card? Get started with these oh-so-helpful HELP videos… 

This month’s issue of New Republic Magazine demonstrates that eBooks aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. No similar fate for the publishing industry -as that which befell those in music, television, film and journalism- the book, it seems, cannot be depreciated in terms of its perceived value.

Whereas those digesting media and culture via the Internet or digitally on a mobile device can easily snag a news story for free (despite the cost, time and effort that went into its publication) or perhaps pay $3 for a blockbuster movie that cost millions – eBooks are sustaining at $9.99 -a-pop.

And Libraries are getting more involved in lending these digitized titles.

The one place where books have been free is libraries, whose existence is instructive in another way: We’ve had libraries for centuries and fund them with public dollars because we view books not just as entertainments, but as repositories of culture and knowledge. Following the library’s lead, we hold on to our books and display them in our homes (in some cases even after we’ve switched to the Kindle).  –from Books Don’t Want To Be Free: How publishing escaped the cruel fate of other culture industries


Catch up on the latest on Libraries & eBooks from Forbes Magazine:
What’s New With Libraries And Ebooks? In Conversation With The American Library Association

Check out how E-books, changing people’s reading habits – The Digital Journal highlights the key incentives for eBooks being adopted into a millennial lifestyle – convenience –> quicker access = more time to read!

ht_kindle_freetime_nt_121204_wgAnd, it turns out eBooks, despite exposing youths to “more screen time,” technically, aren’t all that bad for young readers – as recent studies have shown certain benefits -like processing words with highlighting capabilities and progressing through stories at a more measured pace, with recorded narrations. Digital Book World reports: 2 Ways Digital Books Benefit Kids, Research Shows

You may have heard, recently, about eBook-lending services striving to become the “Netflix for Books” – Don’t hold your breath, quite yet, on Libraries getting on board with that… Stick to good ol’ reliable OVERDRIVE for now – for all your eBook-lending needs. (FYI though, they’ve been having some technical difficulties this week, regarding the check-outs for KINDLE users… Keep trying).


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