ALA: E-books!

Picture1It’s been more than a year since reporter Jeremy Greenfield reported for Forbes: What Is Going On With Library E-Book Lending? – detailing the kerfuffle kicked up by the Big 6 (now the Big 5) major publishers over libraries ability to make their titles available electronically (via specific mobile devices) –with the mere swipe of a library card.

Greenfield: “So much can change in a year. Today, your local library can give you free access to tens of thousands more ebooks than every before….”

Always available classicsI’ll say! Have you checked-out an E-Book from Ferndale, yet? Swing over to OverDrive (our media content provider for electronic materials -i.e. mp3-audiobook and PDF-formed e-books). Here’s their latest step-by-step video-guides –in case its your first time….


Click here to read more from Greenfield about Penguin-Random (the biggest publishing house, now, since the big merger) coming “fully online…” Greenfield has “sit down with the leadership of the American Library Association (ALA) to discuss the current state of libraries and ebooks…”

Keep informed!



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