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Thee David Bowie has shared a few book recommendations for you…

…one hundred recommendations, actually!

When it’s Bowie, it’s usually always a big statement. When he shared his Favorite Books of all time with music/culture blog Stereogum, he went for triple digits! Read on…

In other Book News:

‘The Kraus Project’ Is Jonathan Franzen’s Latest Work

 (via The New York Times “Books Of The Times…”)

Meanwhile: Is Reading Really That Important? Click here to find out the answer from Huffington Post’s Book site (plus, learn about “Things We Read”…) Things We Read (TWR) aims to inspire and motivate people to read by providing the top 5 must-read books from famous, interesting, and influential people.


Just in time for TEEN READ WEEK…

BookRiot (a personal favorite book blog -currently celebrating its 2nd Birthday) offers us this guide:
top five signs you’re reading too much young adult literature

Susan is readying a Teen-Book display featuring the Top 10 Teen Book nominees. The Teens

Top Ten is a list of the best books of 2013 so far, as voted on by teens.


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