Book Bits (and new Baby StoryTime)

“The patient librarians didn’t care about my frayed clothes and never questioned my determination to spend every waking hour under their roof. Mercifully warm and clean, the library was a shelter…” –Read more of author Joshua Safran’s profoundly revelational experience inside a library via the Huffington Post: My Library Card to Redemption


Meanwhile – as many as 20 (of the 31) stadiums hosting NFL teams in cities across the country were built as early as twenty years ago. “There’s no money for roads, schools, or libraries but there’s always tax dollars lying around to build a gleaming new sports palace…”

Read: Couch Slouch

Washington Post’s Norman Chad takes aim at the Atlanta Falcons new Georgia Dome – sticking up for the little guys in these civic scenarios (like Libraries) when it comes to where taxpayers money should go… “public spaces should connect neighborhoods and community…” not be “play-pens” for the top 1%.

The King of SportsWhich leads nicely into NPR’s Interview with the author of a new book seeking ways to fix the NFL and even positing why even public universities shouldn’t get tax exemptions for football





That does it for interesting internet-book-bits, for now

But meanwhile – PARENTS -take note:


We’re starting a new StoryTime for Babies, Mondays at 10:30 am, for 18 months-and-under, focusing on activities parents can do with their children to introduce them, at the earliest possible age, to literacy skills. (Preschool StoryTime is on hiatus until next summer). —


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