Leonard, Bradbury and Back To School bits

Elmore Leonard’s final novel may be completed by his son

Elmore Leonard

Elmore Leonard’s “Blue Dreams,” the manuscript Michigan’s beloved crime novelist was completing before his passing last week, may be completed by his son, Peter. “It’s been discussed among family members,” Peter told the Britich BBC 4 Radio. The LA Times reports that “Blue Dreams” has been “…described as involving a rogue Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent and a retired bull rider who falls for a movie star….”

Fall 2013: The Season in Books

While the kids go back to school – treat yourself (in anticipation for those quieter afternoons) to the NY Times review of notable Fall Releases.



Meanwhile, the Young Adult Library Services Association’s awesome blog The Hub provides a video-list: Sharing Our Must-Reads for the Fall Season (Young Adult fare). This could prove helpful stress-relieving recreation for the 7th graders transitioning into tougher classes. There’s also: Books For Every Class In Your Schedule (Part 1)

But for the older students heading back to school – US News & World Report offers: “4 Ways To Get Free College Textbooks.” 

One last scholastic bit of book-news:

OverDrive (our E-book lending facilitator) blogged about the sci-fi subgenre STEAMPUNK: For Juvenile/Young Adult Steampunkers – “…take a moment to peruse our collection of classic and contemporary titles…”

Enough school stuff…

Here’s an endearing story about Libraries helping each other out… When one library in Quebec (near the border of Maine) was mostly destroyed by a recent train crash, libraries around that state showed solidarity through the raising of funds for it’s reconstruction. Franklin Sun Journal: Libraries raise funds to help build Lac-Megantic library


rayDid you know Ray Bradbury completed his masterwork Fahrenheit 451 in just 9 days, hammered out on a rented typewriter in the basement of a library??
Mental Floss: 10 Things You Should Know About Ray Bradbury

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