Weekend Book News Blitz

Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451 (1953) (078.00.00)I have to wish a belated Happy Birthday to my favorite author -Ray Bradbury. (I have many favorite writers in many favorite genres, but if I had to pick just one man who writes books and takes his readers to the most sensational, surrealistic and sublime of settings altogether scary and nostalgic and fantastic–it’s Ray). Fahrenheit 451: “The things you’re looking for, Montag, are in the world, but the only way the average chap will ever see ninety-nine per cent of them is in a book

Now, Bradbury could be an endearingly old-fashioned kinda guy – so I wonder what he’d think of something like this:
NYTimes: A 3-D Scanner Reaches for the Masses
 -Meanwhile, libraries could have a lot of their collections “saved”by going digital.
NPR: Combining The Nation’s Digitized Libraries, All In One Place -click that link to learn about the Digital Public Library of America
which “…brings together the riches of America’s libraries, archives, and museums, and makes them freely available to the world. It strives to contain the full breadth of human expression, from the written word, to works of art and culture, to records of America’s heritage, to the efforts and data of science.

1307_SBR_STARWARS_ILLO.jpg.CROP.article568-largeSwitching gears:
The Star Wars saga (…A New Hope, at least…) has kind of a Hamlet tinge to it, doesn’t it? Publishers Weekly Bestsellers: The Week’s Hottest Reads – including the charming (and devotedly re-rendered story in prose – William Shakespeare’s STAR WARS)

Speaking of Star Wars-  Harrison Ford entered the world of Book News recently…technically…
LA TIMES Joan Didion to be awarded PEN Center USA prize by Harrison Ford

But if Shakespeare doing Star Wars isn’t silly ENOUGH for you…
The NY Times also offers this report: Great Story, Compelling and Rich: ‘Anchorman’ Ron Burgundy to Write Memoir
We should, however, end on a non-silly note – and explore the nuanced way in which many public libraries across the nation stay afloat via funding…
NPR reports: For You To Borrow, Some Libraries Have To Go Begging…“More than 90 percent of Americans say public libraries are important to their communities, according to the Pew Research Center. But the way that love translates into actual financial support varies hugely from state to state.”

That’s the Book News for now…
…have a nice weekend!


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