What Else Can A Library Be? What-Else-Can-Be-A-Library?

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.” –Dr. Seuss

Oh, the places (we could) go!

You know, it might do us all a little good to pick up a “kids’ book…” A picture book, maybe, or something cherished from the Juvenile Fiction shelves (like, The Giver, maybe?) It could be a vital stoking of our appreciation for the fantastic. Could lead us to dream up different ways to enjoy books (and maybe bring books to others).
For Instance: What more can a library do? What else can a library be? Let’s spur some inspiration!
…You could never go wrong with Dr. Seuss, of course!

jessica picks montage1The good doctor’s ruminations on fantasy reminds me to recommend you visit the Ferndale Patch this week. Our director, Jessica Keyser is offering up personal selections of new (and still new-ish) children’s picture books – as part of our weekly series: Ferndale Library Staff recommends…

→Staying in the juvenile reading section of Book News:
Crayons QuitFrom the Guardian(UK): Julia Eccleshare reviews children’s picture books

Inventive, book-loving folks often tend to be quite proactive, -that love of “fantasy” can stimulate them to take initiative…even if the venture seems capricious or fantastic!

Empty lots need not remain empty…


More info: http://literarylots.org/

Here’s something in a similar spirit: You can read about Ferndale’s own Little Free Library in this month’s issue of the Ferndale Friends! “…meant to be both a resource for books on a neighborhood level and a community art project of sorts”


You can find out how to start your own Little Free Library by clicking here.

What more can we do with the library format, the library ethos, or any other librarian-ish service?

Before...Bike Based Library?Indeed! Now we’re talkin: circulation! Head over to Grist.org to read more Tiny bike-based libraries pedal books to streets and parks – A book-lending “Pedal-Party!” – Denver Public Library is the latest to join in – DPL Connect, “a pedal-powered mobile library and wi-fi hotspot.”


Maybe, while we’re at it – we can think beyond books…Beyond just loaning books and including other useful loanable tools/items/keys to enlightenment… Or at least recreation!

What about fishing poles?

NPR reports on expanding upon the library’s “…job is to inform and enlighten, but also to connect its patrons with the community.” Beyond Books: Libraries Lend Fishing Poles, Pans And People – leading to Cleveland Public Library’s “Tech Toy Box” 

What, then, are some other services library’s could possibly provide in the future? Beyond giving passes to our computer lab or scanning documents… Maybe 3-D printing?
The LA Times reports: 
3-D printing: Public libraries’ latest step into the digital world

Oh, the places (we could) go!


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