Overdrive 3.0 (Lending E-Books)

Ahoy, E-Readers!


As you know, you can check out digital/audio material (e-books / MP3 audiobooks) and “loan it” for 2 weeks on your preferred devices (iPad, Kindle, Kobo, smartphones) via a downloaded PDF or WAV (audio) file.
-These materials (e-book/audiobooks) return themselves (so there’s no overdue fines) by way of deleting themselves from your device.

But you already know that – because you’ve already been enjoying digital material downloaded from Overdrive -via the Library Network’s Download Destination.


Follow this link to TLN’s Download Destination (to check-out e-material via Overdrive Media)

Well, here’s the news

Overdrive 3.0

Changes are coming (and some have already cometo Overdrive:
Overdrive 3.0 is coming August 20th!
*By downloading a forthcoming App, e-readers who read their “e-Library-books” on their Android / iPhone-iPod-iPad, will be able to:

**Change font size, margin, contrast and more to suit your style.
**Bookmark your favorite passages for repeat reading and listening.
**The built-in dictionary makes word lookup a breeze.
**Let your friends know what you’re reading on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.

Overdrive READ

There’s a new format option to the right of the screen (when you check an e-title‘s availability. “Overdrive READ” is browser-based, so readers using Kindles or Kobos will have to assure their own wi-fi capabilities…
-Otherwise, readers can use their home computers (desktops) -or wi-fi-accessing smartphones (iOS v5+ or Android v2.3+), and tablets (iOS v5+ or Android v2.3+). Overdrive READ bypasses the need to download extra software (like Adobe Digital Editions) to facilitate the download (or rather “check-out”) of the e-book.

Getting a book is just that much easier! No need to go through a “middle-man” bit of software like Digital Editions.


“See Book – Read Book” is their new slogan for Overdrive READ. Follow this link to find out What devices and browsers work best with OverDrive Read?

Other hightlights of the new and improved Overdrive:
**A redesigned user interface – streamlined navigation and a one-stop reorganized menu. App functions are just a swipe and tap away.

**Users will be able to sync bookmarks and reading progress across multiple devices using a free, opt-in registration service called OverDrive One.

 **Variable speed playback for iOS – which was the most requested feature by their Audiobook users’.

**First run tutorial screens. The app now prompts first time users to add libraries and get books.


The folks behind Overdrive recently returned from 2013’s Digipalooza – a user group meeting held to train and educate librarians on the download service, focusing on the latest trends, best practices, and outreach ideas for public library as they transition into e-book-loaning institutions.

In the future – they hope to establish deeper engagement with patrons in order to assure better content becoming available.

Stay tuned!

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