Books to Bolster Your BBQ-ing: -Alternative Summer Cuisines / Cookbooks


A lot of weird/interesting food-related news this week. Lots of curious alterations to meat-products:

NY Times Science Blog reports: A Lab-Grown Burger Gets a Taste Test

And then, believe it or not – HuffPo-Taste: The Burger Dog Is Changing The Face Of Grilling – This blogger doesn’t consider the images of either the test-tube burger or the hot-dog burger to be very appetizing…

But then, this blogger’s also a vegan.

So, while you’re planning the last few backyard barbecue / outdoor dinner parties of the season, I thought I’d offer a few other ‘curious alterations’ to the status-quo-styled griller options…  Like…tofu burgers!

The America's Test Kitchen Do-It-Yourself CookbookNPR reports: ‘America’s Test Kitchen’ On Grilling Peaches, Tofu And Burgers – That’s right– Tofu Burgers! Keep an open mind and get in the DIY spirit!



On the Noodle RoadAlso from NPR: Wandering Appetites: Hunting The Elusive Noodle – Okay, this one’s not a cookbook, but, as Taco Bell reminds us daily, it’s okay to think-outside-the-bun once in a while. Explore the history of doughy food staple… Did Marco Polo really bring noodles from China to Italy? Find out.



eat your vegetablesWashington Post: Weeknight Vegetarian: Learning to ‘Eat Your Vegetables’ – This longstanding, famed newspaper made news recently, when Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos bought it up to assure its future production. This book, though – a course in how to approach those staples of the Vegetarian’s diet, is written by the Washington Post’s Food & Travel Editor.

Eat your vegetables! It couldn’t hurt! (Even if this blogger will submit that cauliflower can be quite intense, sometimes…)

Enjoy the rest of summer!

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