Bezos Buys Washington Post / E-books cause “Strain”

The big news this week:untitled

Jeff Bezos, CEO of online retail behemoth AMAZON made a bold move and bought himself a Newspaper: The Washington Post. The future of newspapers has been just as excitingly uncertain as that of printed books, these days, as numerous factors (including declining advertising revenue) have hurt the production of some of the nation’s oldest and biggest names in the biz.

The Bookseller: Jeff Bezos buys Washington Post

la-jc-washington-post-jeff-bezos-books-amazon--001Meanwhile, the L.A. Times had a pair of good reads covering this intriguing development. Washington Post sale: What Jeff Bezos’ book bonanza bought him – If there’s anyone out there in the business world certain that all consumption, be it music downloads or book purchases, would be all digital – Bezos is your guy… That doesn’t bode well as an early indicator of the Posts’ print future. More from the L.A. Times: Jeff Bezos’ journey to newspaper magnate: Q&A with author Brad Stone – 

Speaking of things going digital: NPR Reports: E-Books Strain Relations Beween Libraries, Publishing Houses

This is an insightful report continuing their special series on libraries. The “strain” comes, primarily, from all of the six major publishing companies having different policies towards the sale of e-books to libraries (for lending). It seems the democratic and accommodating electronic-access of “the cloud” is fogging things up inside the brick and mortar buildings of public libraries. Read on…

Addendum to my post about Bezos’ entry into the Print News industry – I started wondering why more rock bands, or folk singers, don’t write that many songs about Newspapers. A good friend and talented local photographer, Doug Coombe, pointed me towards a recent post in the New Yorker: Sing All About It – providing us with a fine Top 10 of “songs about newspapers.”

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