Libraries gives us power…Artful Advocacy (+Staff’s Soundtrack)

What’s that?

You’re interested in hearing about the “Soundtrack of Our Lives?”


Your FPL Staff? What albums have meant the most to us, in our lives? Which CD’s have we scratched-out with loving re-re-re-spins, in our walkmen and car stereos? We’d be HAPPY to share… But don’t judge! You may find your next favorite jam or personal theme songs aligned with the autobiographical audio display -currently featured near the Reference Desk.




Huffington Post is asking the big question:

Are Bookless Libraries A Good Thing?

Writer/Librarian Kevin O’Kelly: “The current relationship between libraries and e-book publishers resembles negotiations for an arranged marriage for the children of two medieval royal families who hate each other….”

Meanwhile:  The Bookseller reports that E-books continue to prove themselves as the wave-of-the-future… Digital fiction to overtake paperbacks in 2014, says Nielsen

But your E-reading device might severely malfunction if you get sand in it… …it’s treacherous trying to bring your Kindle to the Beach…

Why not bring the LIBRARY to the BEACH, then?


The Future of Home Living reports:

And finally…

Check out British book designer/artist Mina Bach’s “celebration of the public library system, reading and books…” -what BookRiot calls “an awe-inspiringly awesome creation…”

Artful advocacy!

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