More E-book transitional growing pains

Did you hear about Apple being found guilty of conspiring with book publishers to fix the price of e-books? You probably have…but did you know that this doesn’t just hurt consumers, it also hurts libraries. I mean, did you know that some publishers refuse to even lease their books to libraries (functionally for lending out onto patrons devices by means of 2-week-limited downloads).
images–This “… library customers of versions of popular best-sellers. Others set the lease rates exorbitantly high, squeezing the already squeezed library budget…” (Read more:  Huffington Post – ‘The Other E-book Pricing Problem’



More disconcerting news for E-book / E-reader enthusiasts – some may wind up having unreadable libraries’ worth of downloaded digi-books… “…each tech giant in the e-book game (Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble) developed a different, incompatible form of copy protection for its books,” writes David Pogue in a recent NYTimes post on Barnes & Noble’s recent news of an upcoming halt of Nook production. “Once Barnes & Noble drops out of the game completely, any e-books you bought for your Nook will probably become unreadable. Betamaxed, you might say…”


A couple of Potter-themed posts, while you’re here.
Did you hear about Robert Galbraith? NPR covered the latest J.K. Rowling mystery:

Professor Helps Reveal J.K. Rowling



‘Harry Potter’ Quotes: 10 Comforting Words Of Wisdom From Albus Dumbledore
Huffington Post:

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