Can Libraries survive “bit-rot” the same way they’ve since survived peppered moths? “You have no idea how eager I am to ensure that the notion of library does not disappear – it’s too important…” -Vint Cerf, Computer Scientist and Internet Pioneer, talking about “…online privacy, Google Glass and the future of libraries…” Must we, shall we, will we –transcend the conception -as a library- as being a brick and mortar book housing printed materials? Read on -via The Next Web

There’s much to be considered, including the way information will be stored and passed on… Will we rely mainly on E-Books?

And what does the future hold, then, for E-books? The Guardian looked back on last week’s news: Barnes & Noble boss William Lynch has resigned and Nook sales falter, but does Amazon’s Kindle have a long-term future? —Read on to find out what the Guardian sees as … the next chapter for e-readers?

We’ll have to adapt…

Speaking of “adaptations…”


In Book-ish Entertainment News^^ (…and, since, today, as we post this, it’s Harrison Ford’s birthday)…
Apparently some out there are hoping to foment a boycott of the forthcoming theatrical release of Orson Scott Card’s modern classic Ender’s Game – Thus, in response: (The LA Times Reports): Lionsgate has disavowed the anti-gay views of author Orson Scott Card

 Staying on the subject of adapting…

What never adapted was the Typewriter… Well, to such an extent that it remained part of our day to day operations. The LA Times also included a charming slide show: “97 Years of Typewriters”

97 years of typewriters–featuring an image from the Library of Congress: “Chimp at typewriter”

Finally – for your weekend – a fun (and insightful) infographic from goodreads.

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