(E-)Book “Adaptation”(s)

I know it seems like everything at the mega movie multiplex is some kind of sequel… And quite likely in 3-D.

You know though, if it’s not a sequel…OR a prequel….it just might be an adaptation of a famous (or quasi famous or quasi-momentarily-popular) book!



Gawker Media blog i09 has the scoop: All the books getting turned into movies & TV shows over the next year

downloadSo… I experimented with using our in-house iPad as a device primarily for e-reading (and, subsequently, e-lending– i.e. “checking a book-out” and thus downloading it onto my device, using Adobe Digital Editions software). I found it to be pleasingly intuitive and would encourage others to try their hand, er, or touch their tablets – Some recent results -posted by Publisher’s Weekly showed: Tablets Overtake Dedicated E-readers as Most Popular Devices


Meanwhile, over at Huffington Post – Author Mark Rubin explored various arguments against (and some -in favor of) the e-reading experience… “…The physical book itself became the symbol housing the powerful emotional satisfaction of having parental attention bestowed upon us, with all its attendant meaning…” 




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