No More Nooks? + Indie-bookshops and Library-love


NEW BOOKS coming in – We’ll have some interesting items for young readers in the Kids Corner – like this one, on Bike Culture around the world! 

There’s always a balance we can find, there’s always a way to keep on rolling! That’s what a picture like this^ communicates to me, aside from looking so cool and so treacherous simultaneously. Such is the business of books, be it book-stores or libraries – So cool…but sometimes…so uncertain…


Barnes & Noble news– Just as I was getting ready to provide some handy-dandy PDF step-by-step guides to downloading E-BOOKS onto your Nook Color mobile devices – I find out that Barnes & Noble is no longer going to be making the device.
What the Barnes & Noble news is really telling us about the future of digital content — (from Digital Book World online)

I’m still going to provide the OVERDRIVE downloading steps for anyone still holding a Nook.

More Barnes & Noble news -from Forbes: “Will Barnes & Noble Be Around In Five Years?”

Folks at Geekwire online are posting about why they are staying hopeful for bookstores: “The weight of words: Why I hope bookstores stick around…”   Monica Guzman: “the most successful community bookstores are community spaces as much or more than they are retailers…”

Elsewhere, across the pond–
-via The Guardian-
They’re discussing the sustainability of, not bookstores, but LIBRARIES:
“Let’s keep doing it by the book: why we shouldn’t cut libraries: Two contributors explain why they are against council plans to cut the number of libraries in Lincolnshire by more than half…” 

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