My i-Padventure – and My Star Wars tie

T.A.G. (Teen Advisory Group) Print
Wednesdays from June 19 – July 31 @ 4:00 pm should teens ages 13-18 join our Teen Advisory Group?

1. YOU get to offer ideas, plan and implement teen programs at the library.
2. YOU get to suggest materials for the teen collection
3. YOU could earn volunteer credit and a nifty new thing to put on your resume.
4. YOU get a say in what happens at YOUR library.

So, come and hang out with us on Wednesdays at 4 pm.


Summer Reading at the Library…combined with the inauguration Teen Advisory Group – are both aimed at encouraging young readers to read for fun. (The idea, thereby being, that they will continue to read, for recreation…and ensure the possibility that they’ll excel in academic reading thereafter.)

[Click for availability, location, or to place a hold.]Today is the day I swore would be the last upon which I wore my vintage, 1978 Star Wars tie.

It, the tie, goes quite well with my gun-metal gray oxford dress shirt and its always a conversation starter (breaks a lot of ice and brings the barriers down for the secretly-geeky types trying to act cool).

But the snooty side of me, the one who rails against big corporations and greed and mindless mega-media blockbuster blow-outs, was disconcerted by the Walt Disney Company’s purchasing of Lucasfilm Ltd – followed subsequently by multiple planned reboots and spin-offs of the beloved sci-fi saga.

I mean, my true devotion to The Force should have faltered after the awkward, wooden, overblown, somewhat embarrassing, dream-dashing prequels… Ah yes. My fanboy went up in smoke like Vader’s corpse on an Endorian makeshift Ewok-cobbled funeral pyre under X-Wing jettisoned fireworks.

But then I remembered something valuable. Not just to transcend any curmudgeonly hemming and hawing – cuz that just ruins everybody’s day… No, I remembered that:

There’s always the next generation!

No, I’m not talking about Star Trek: The Next Generation… I’m talking about the next generation of fanboys and fanGIRLS… The next class of kids, young readers with wide eyes and open minds and passionate hearts and an overall love (and yearning) for the excitement and possibility of adventure, escapism, enlightenment and FUN… when it comes to “sagas,” new “sagas,” new fiction, new science-fiction, new ANYTHING for them to engage in– PARTICULARLY reading (…or, hey, I’ll settle for some graphic novels, too! Mangas rule!)

Mangas do rule! And Star Wars could, someday, somehow (to some young kid coming up…) rule again! 

It’s not my Star Wars anymore! I just wear the tie… And will still wear it. Because even if the young readers who will be doing their own Skywalking might not appreciate Alec Guinness or Jawa sandcrawlers or the inimitable masterpiece of Empire Strikes Back as a cinematic experience… They will still feel a magic that’ll be akin to the same initial magic that inspired me.

But anyhow, I’ve got this iPad to deal with, in the meantime! Speaking of sci-fi… This seems like alien technology to me.


Full disclosure: I’ve never owned, operated or even really looked into anything by the Apple Inc. -aside from the iTunes I downloaded onto my PC that ran with Windows.


digEdsThat’s right, we’ve got an experimental device, here in the library, and I’m going to brave it for you, as a electronic-library-lending-guinea-pig, of sorts. I’ll see if I can figure it out (bolstered by the helpful instructions prepared by Reference Librarian Susan Paley), and I’ll then report back to you, Library-blog-reader… And then maybe my own education can be an inspiration to you to start experimenting on your own – with the …yes…wave-of-the-future… electronic lending experience.

Checking out e-books and loaning audiobook mp3-files from Overdrive Media -with your Library Card.

Keep you posted.

May the force be with you…

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