Some Book bits…

butterfly-in-the-typewriter-review_320 Who’s up for some Lists?

L.A. Times was highlighting The best book covers of the year, selected by designers – assembled by The Design Observer… a fun slideshow of artful designs.

Or howabout that list compiled via Huffington Post’s book site? 11 Unforgivable Changes Made To Book Adaptations –Careful, readers – there’s some spoilers and…it’s pretty brutal!


untitled Something Else…
Like-Try-Why – a book blogs’ column (from Epic Reads– that treats readers suffering from What-Book-To-Read-Next-Blues…
And then:
A confessed twitter-vice of mine… giggling over the geek wit from “Fake Library Stats…”

  1. What librarians admire most about their cats: 20% ability to hide from strangers; 33% ability to sleep anywhere; 24% casual indifference

  2. 25% of lirbarians will let you know about the typo in your tweet


    Now then, in more random books news
    Book News: Arthur C. Clarke’s DNA Headed For A New Space Odyssey

    New Paula Deen Book Sales Soar, New Release No. 1 On Amazon

     And….We have a release date… (August 14th, 2014)… for, yes, inevitably, the movie-adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey….

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