RUNDOWN o’ the BOOK bits outta This Week’s News:

The BooksellerYoung US readers ‘like print’, finds Pew
75% of Americans between the ages of 16-29 had read a physical book in the last year, compared with 64% of older adults

Book-Riot posted this graphic studying a “Diversity Gap…”

Meanwhile…over in Book Riot’s Young Adult features…
Five Things You Need to Know About Young Adult Fiction

from the Telegraph – Harry Potter-inspired Graphic Art —

The Quibbler from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.Picture: Warner Bros.

^^^Staying in the Young Adult section of Book-ish / Literary-news – and a bit more for the kid in us… The Telegraph (UK) posted images of “Harry Potter-inspired graphic art”^^^


MEANWHILE – in Library News:
The President of the American Library Association and the Founder/president of the Harwood Institute for Public Innovation wrote a letter-to-the-editor – posted in the Chicago Tribune -tying into the current ALA Conferences, speaking on how Libraries are the true centers-of-communities!

Bringing libraries back to communities

 ready-made to host members of the community when they come together to address their needs, challenges and hopes for the future. Library leaders stand ready to facilitate such engagement.

Meanwhile, un-related to libraries but perhaps of interest to Group-Readers (particularly any who participate in one of our half-dozen Monthly Book Clubs) – there’s news out of Turkey – arising from the recent protests in Taksim Square.

NPR: Book News: Turkish Protesters Form ‘Taksim Square Book Club’

Want to keep up with the Supreme Courts recent decisions? PBSLive Blog of Supreme Court Decisions Thursday

[Click for availability, location, or to place a hold.]Want to learn more about the court from an experienced voice? Come check out– Out of order : stories from the history of the Supreme Court by–Sandra Day O’Connor.

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