E-Book Zombie?

A charming Venn Diagram for book-snobs – compliments of the inimitable OATMEAL




Meanwhile, in the news:

This is considered to be a busy and “consequential” week for the Supreme Court Justices: decisions or some kind of action is expected on Affirmative Action, Same Sex Marriage and Voting Rights –
Heath Brown took to Huffington Post’s Book site to compile a list for readers

Immigration Policy Summer Reading -“…Congressional leaders would do well to add each to their summer reading list….”

Over on the E-Book desk:
Just as we were getting ourselves situated (with Overdrive Media) and letting patrons know how to check-E-books out (online) with their library card and personal devices…this news drops…

Is Barnes & Noble Getting Out of the Nook Device Business?download

It seems poor sails have left the device’s future in dire straits… Microsoft was interested initially…

Read on (via Digital Book World) -and find

Nook Discounts from Barnes & Noble: Two-For-One Ebook Giveaway


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