Classics…(1984, Wind In The Willows & more troubling NSA tidbits)

I was just discussing Kenneth Grahame’s Wind in the Willows with a patron, clearly a father judged by his traveling company, and we both remarked upon its powerful charm, its timelessness and its ability to transcend age-specific aesthetics.

Vicky Mills

I even read Williows as an adult, despite it being cataloged in our Kids Corner, with other “juvenile” books. And lo-and-behold, its in the news – The Guardian covered the 2013 Puffin Design Awards (The Children’s books version of Penguin publishers awards for book designs). Students were challenged design “a new cover for one of the best-loved children’s books, The Wind in the Willows.”

Pia Valar

Returning to classics can be utterly worthwhile – Or, maybe, this week is one on which you decide it’s: finally time to read that book that everyone’s been talking about….Like…say, George Owell’s beautifully bleak tale of Totalitarianism – 1984 – Propaganda Poster TIME Magazine: Sales of the George Orwell Classic Nineteen Eighty-Four Soar
“unfolding story of the National Security Agency’s surveillance program has catapulted privacy rights back into public discussion…”   Read more

I posted on the recent NSA surveillance program by way of sharing the American Libraries stirring response: 

NSA vs. ALA (“Human Card Catalog?”)

He knows what you've been checking went further this week, addressing criticism of the Patriot Act’s contentious reach into our lives and personal information:
True story: Outrage over the 2001 legislation centered around government access to library records


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