Who can read what and when?


Index Librorum Prohibitorum!

So, yeah… 450-some-odd years ago, Pope Paul IV decided he’d ban some books…A lot of books, actually…causing a great “turning-point in the freedom of inquiry” in the Catholic world… …It was on THIS day (June 14th) that another Paul, Pope Paul VI, formally abolished this book-prohibition. The aim was to protect the “faithful” -preventing the reading of immoral books or works containing theological errors.

Dark times, indeed.

Meanwhile… We may be prevented from the reading of electronic books as the Society of Authors spearheads a campaign challenging Library’s lending e-books (on the grounds that authors are not being financially compensated from either publishers, patrons or the libraries themselves, through such loans). The Guardian has the story, featuring the author of the His Dark Materials (i.e. “Golden Compass”) trilogy for young adults…

…and what about the ability, then, of those imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, to read anything, if at all…? “The prison library here is housed in a prefabricated building behind chain-link fencing and razor wire…”  The NYTimes Sunday Book Review reports on prisoner/patrons and their ability (or lack thereof) to browse the stacks of the heavily guarded prison camp’s intriguing library and its 18,000 books.

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 1.07.40 PM

The Atlantic-online: Designing Libraries That Encourage Teens to Loiter

…what about Teens and Young Adults?

How can we encourage them to read more? Beyond, say, enticing them with fun themed events like “Banned Book Week” (affecting a harmless edginess that brings them greats like Huckleberry Finn or Slaughterhouse-Five…”Prohibitorum”-indeed!

Well, maybe we our Library-Architects can help entice more Teen reading? The Atlantic reports: Designing Libraries That Encourage Teens to Loiter


Anyhoo… See you tomorrow for our big Summer Reading Sign-Up! (And Ice-cream social!!)

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