More than a Library

Read and redefine! Engage and Excel! Get online and get in gear! Rock out at the Public Library!

I don’t know how else to say it… or even how much louder I could possibly shout it:

FPL Photo MuralWe’re so much MORE than just a Library!

I’ve been trying to come up with catch-phrases or mottos, all morning, that could communicate to you that, essentially: You can depend on the Library to consistently bring you interesting, exciting, engaging and insightful programming, activities, events and, yes, entertainment, on a monthly (if not, weekly) basis.

We’re a team, here! Not just a bunch of librarians glaring at you for your overdue fines or shushing at you from the entrance of the Computer Lab. We’re a team of innovative, proactive, neo-educationalists – eager to dream up new ways to engage the community by coaxing them under our (green, grassy) roof for evenings (and afternoons) of programming – from film screenings, artist lectures, rock-concerts and story-time for tots!

For example – The special Summer Concert series, that we have, kicking off on June 18th!

Soul Explosion will be performing LIVE in the Library’s Community Room:

We’d love it if you can make it in that night (6.18) -since that’s the day that the The Library of Michigan is going to be filming us as an example of “The 21st Century Library” — The Library of Michigan is partnering with the Community Economic Development Association of Michigan, CEDAM, to put together a video for theBright Side program featuring the wonderful work of libraries throughout the state. We’ll be featured! How cool is that?? Come check it out!


Here’s some fun book news:

Did everyone catch-up on Season 3 of HBO’s adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s epic Game of Thrones (er, Song of Fire & Ice) this week? Huffington Post is geeking out with “Greek Fire” and more: Meet the ‘Game of Thrones’ Weapons (SPOILERS)

monkA reminder – Our Summer Reading Programming kicks off this Saturday. Read all about it HERE.



Happy 85th, Maurice. We miss you dearly…

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