In a World of Technology

  • There’s an interesting that I’m not seeing very many sites pick up this week- Libraries’ “right” to digitize books was challenged by a recent lawsuit brought by the Authors Guild, claiming, in the Second U.S Circuit Court of Appeal, that such digitization violates copyright laws. Read about the Electronic Frontier Foundation and its support of libraries digital rights…as our archiving of information for online/mobile access enhances research and accessibility.

Joseph Janes, the Chair of Library and Information Science at the University of Washington and the Founding Director of the Internet Public Library joined us along with David Votta, the Community Engagement Library at Midwest Collaborative for Library Services to discuss the issue.

winnieStaying in the digitized realms of book news – software giants Apple, just like online-retail giants Amazon, have both been accused of fixing prices of E-Books recently – Well, Apple’s attorney used The Pooh-defense… pointing specifically to the vibrant colors of A.A. Milne’s children book about the “chubby cubby…” and how, on Apples’ devices, specifically, in comparison to others, those warm, dazzling hues and sublime tints shown through clearer, more brilliantly, than other devices… This all dates back to when Apple opened it’s electronic bookstore in 2010 and you can catch up on the latest from the L.A. Times: Winnie-the-Pooh and Penguin take the stage in e-book trial

More later in the week, FPL patrons…

If, meanwhile, you’re interested in exploring E-BOOKs with your Library Card – Check out our own provider, OVERDRIVE MEDIA – who just announced a new app –

Checking out E-Books is convenient in that… they-return-themselves! No overdue fines! After two weeks, the file just deletes-itself from your device!


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