Book bits: Calvin & Hobbes, Prince, the Tiniest Library & Indie Bookstores!

“Fiction is dangerous because it shows you that the world doesn’t have to be like the one you live in.” –Neil Gaiman (at this weekend’s Book Expo of America-2013).

I don’t know about you – but this library-blogger is a considerable fan of Mr. Gaiman’s work. It’s with quite excitement, as a staff, really, here at Ferndale, that we receive the news that Gaiman’s got a new book coming!! More info here:

Moving on!

It’s Summer Time!


NY Times Summer Reading feature

Titles include^: New Walter Mosley, a biography of Rita Moreno and I WOULD DIE 4 U–Why Prince Became an Icon, By Touré


I was scanning the business sites and found some encouraging news for the book-selling industry: According to APM’s Marketplace: “…since 2009, more than 300 independent bookstores have opened, and store sales were up by 8 percent last year.” As e-books rise, smaller book stores are still growing —



Book Riot, meanwhile, is always dependable for an entertaining literary-link:

Literary Pet Names: Feline Edition 

I go for the “poetic” suggestions: like – SpencerOrgoglio,Pembroke, TennysonOzymandias (nickname: Ozzy)

Staying the realm of cute and quirky Book news:

World’s Tiniest Library Pops Up In New York City – 
The Atlantic reports… (…with some entertaining imagery).




Calvin & Hobbes – by Bill Waterson – is, in my humble opinion, the greatest Sunday Comic Strip of the last half-century! In fact, I don’t think it’s yet been eclipsed since it went away in 1995. Now, we can see the story of the reclusive artist and imaginary mind behind our precocious youth with preternatural stores of sharp wit and his active stuffed tiger. The Cinetopia Film Festival ( at the Detroit Institute of Arts) presents: Dear Mr. Waterson on June 9th (1pm).



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