Rite of (almost) Summer

The picture window in your wallet displays your library card instead of your driver's license.Does it seem, more often, that you just can’t put down that book? Are you Addicted to Books? BuzzFeed will help you determine….

Currently trending in Libraries… The not-so-novel idea of “Little Free Libraries” (Reported by Book Riot)

Speaking of riots….

Meanwhile, I’ll have you know that TODAY is the 90th Anniversary of Igor Stravinsky premiering his provocative Rite of Spring ballet in Paris’s Théâtre des Champs-Élysées – Apparently it caused a real live riot!

Speaking of Stravinsky! If you check out the non-fiction section (particularly in the Graphic Novels genre), I’d recommend this fun-and-insightful read. Impressively illustrated, at that!

780.922  Author Lunday, Elizabeth.

Author Lunday, Elizabeth.



Staying on the topic of music, then – The L.A. Timse reports:
New journal ‘Radio Silence’ connects writing and rock ‘n’ roll

“… I was driven by my love of the music, my absolute certainty that it was tapping into something, that in the intersection of sound and language, I might find a shadow territory, one that I could make my own…” -Writer David L. Ulin, regarding a new Bay Area literary journal that seeks to trace the relationship between rock music and literature.

untitledOh, and, sticking on the L.A. Times’ page – it appears Bridget Jones is making a come back! New Bridget Jones will be ‘Mad About the Boy’

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