Artist Lecture: Shirin Neshat – Wednesday -7pm


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Hey there!

We’ve got a lot of cool events coming up at FPL, including an Artist Talk tomorrow (5/22) evening! The Detroit Institute of Arts and The Ferndale Public Library Arts and Exhibitions Committee host a lecture on Shirin Neshat. Neshat, an Iranian American artist widely-acclaimed for her video installations & photography,  creates rich narratives that confront the complexities of gender, power, politics, & identity. Using visual metaphor & compelling sound as key elements in her work, Neshat embraces both the depth of Islamic tradition and the Western concepts of liberty & individuality. The lecture begins at 7pm, in our Community Room.

In other national book news: Huffington Post peeked in on Publisher’s Weekly’s round-up of new releases: The Best New Books for the Week of May 20, 2013 – including “a barstool history of London seen through the eyes of its oldest Pub” Shakespeare’s Pub (or rather, The George Inn).

NPR featured a story on J.K. Rowling, sharing “backstories” of the lead character from her most famous work (Harry Potter).

NYTimes has a review of the beloved droll satirist David Sedaris: “…an Oddball Travelogue That Is All Detours…”

“There’s so many critics who complain that I’m not William Shakespeare or William Faulkner…” –Dan Brown, Da Vinci Code  author (with his latest, Inferno, out this week) responds to unfavorable reviews… EW: The return of Dan Brown: An interview with the author of ‘The Lost Symbol’

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