Weekend Book News Review

NPRBook News: Amazon May Be Called Before Parliament Over Taxes

Google Glass: No, You Can’t Read A Book On It



New Smashwords Research Helps Authors and Publishers Sell More Ebooks




Pew Internet Research Finds: Parents, Children, Libraries, and Reading

…………….BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS Coming soon regarding SUMMER READING for Grades K-12……..STAY TUNED


A Librarian’s Response to ‘What’s a Library?’
“…It’s really important to remember that just because YOU (general “you”) don’t need to use something on a daily basis, it does not mean that others don’t need to use it…”

“…I’m not sure how a person can claim that a place isn’t useful if that person has never actually even been INSIDE of said place…”

Read on… (HuffPoBooks)

And have a Great Weekend!

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