Libraries Changed My Life (Also: Dan Brown / Amazon Currency)

Libraries Changed My Life – a new tumblr site striking sort of a ‘Campbell Soup for the Soul (of Libraries)’ vibe. logo

Real life accounts from library patrons whose lives have been changed for the better by libraries.   


How valuable is the Library, to you?

Pew Study: Why Parents Love Libraries

NY Times columnist and Prof. of Economics Paul Krugman weighed in on the subject: In Praise of Public Libraries (Personal and Trivial)

In Other Books News:

No one can escape Dan Brown’s Inferno! The Da Vinci Code author’s latest is out this week and causing a book brushfire across various blogs…

Dan Brown’s Inferno set for blockbusting sales – reports The Guardian(UK) – “Booksellers are confident that The Da Vinci Code author’s latest novel will be the biggest and fastest-selling title of the year…” (Read on)

The Huffington Post plays with Brown’s often controversy-stirring preoccupation with religious ideas and asks: Can You Tell Richard Dawkins From Dan Brown?

British critic Clive James just released a new translation of Dante’s Inferno, meanwhile and he pities Mr. Brown. The USA Today reports… James: …I have a great belief in Dan Brown’s attractions as a writer. The belief is all the greater because I can’t quite define what those attractions are. Certainly they don’t have anything to do with his prose, which would be unreadable if it were not so riveting…”


If you have plans to buy Mr. Brown’s new suspense novel, you can try using Amazon’s new coinage.

amazonBook News: Amazon Debuts Its Virtual Currency  


Reports NPR: “A dollar will get you 100 of the new coins, though the Internet retailer will discount coins bought in bulk.” Read on. 

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