What’s a Library?? + Books for Buster Bluth

The Magpie Librarian responded to a recent Huffington Post article by Current TV founder Michael Rosenblum (who recently declared in “What’s A Library” that he will not miss recently demolished Donnell Library).

Rosenblum: What’s a Library?
Magpie reaction: That: What’s a Library? was written by a man rich enough to live on W. 53rd St. who’s never been to the library and Googles everything

The Founder of Urban Librarians Unite, meanwhile, posted this piece: Libraries in New York City: Why We Give a Damn and Why You Should Too

Heated debates about our role and vitality… What does the future hold for Public Libraries? How can we (survive)/contribute?

Let’s move on to lighter subject fare. Namely – Arrested Development.

buster-bluthIn anticipation of the reboot (via Netflix streaming) of the criminally canceled cult comedy, the Seattle Public Library prepared a bibliography for one of its particularly stunted characters: Arrested Development – Books for Buster Bluth

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