Let’s also catch up on all the Book / Library -related news (and newsy tidbits) that scrolled across the internet over the weekend (whilst this writer was, otherwise, preoccupied with the facilitation of the Library-as-adhoc concert venue for the Metro Times Blowout)…

untitledFirst of all – we missed Comic Book Store Day!

An older read, for you:
a 2011 study from the ALA (American Library Association)’s Magazine –

The Case for Graphic Novels in Education

As is depicted(/imagined/predicted..) in this old comic ^ from 1941 – We have to wonder – what is the library going to look like in the 21st century?

Speaking of quaint, literary-related prescience – Did Henry James (part of the Edwardian-era of literary realism) actually predict trashy-tabloid outlet TMZ? 

Future Shock! 

Why Libraries Should Be the Next Great Start-Up IncubatorsWhat’s next for Libraries? Atlantic’s online Urban Wonk was out to prove Why Libraries Should Be the Next Great Start-Up Incubators – Libraries, it seems, “…happen to have just about everything a 21st century innovator could need: Internet access, work space, reference materials, professional guidance….” 

And on to movie news…

An inevitable, gratuitous bit of Gatsby hype -for the glitz-ified 3-D re-interpretation coming to theatres on Friday (with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role of the Fitzgerald masterpiece…directed by the lavish-lover of color and zazziness who brought us Moulin Rogue).   Here’s the trailer….which “suggest(s) a film of decadent, epicurean extravagance and debauchery…”  Here’s The Guardian, asking: What Makes The Great Gatsby Great

Books in the Kitchen

For the bakers… and lovers of eerie/trippy mystery novels: The HuffPo’s Book site brings you book-themed recipes: Gone Girl desserts! 

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